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Multiplier events

As the final phase of our project, we organized multiplier events during the last quarter of 2023. The goal of these events was to spread the word of our project, share what we’ve learnt and find new ideas and possible cooperation in the field of sports.

The series of events started with 3 webinars by the participation of 4 partners in the project. The Hungarian Water Skyball Federation presented about the background, the rules, the equipment and infrastructure, the tactics and skills development through the sport.

Then one event was organized in each other participating countries, in Germany, Greece and Austria. 

BSV Wassenberg held their dissemination event in cooperation with the Heinsberg prison. 23 sports officers participated from 18 different youth prisons from all over Germany. 

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens organized their multiplier event online. The webinar had 26 participants, mostly trainers, physical education teachers, university teaching staff and students of physical education and sports. 

Club Life Long Learning presented the project in the  Pedagogical University of Innsbruck, Austria for 10 sports students.

The presentations were well received, questions and ideas were raised on how to continue the cooperation and using Water Skyball as a health promoting sport.

Thank you to all the members in the project for your great work, and to the European Commission’s funding that enabled this cooperation!

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Final project meeting in Greece

The home of our final transnational project meeting was the beautiful Katerini in Greece, at the foot of Mount Olympus. The first day, the project partners met at the venue of the sporting event to discuss project management questions, as well as topics related to the webinars planned for this autumn. Also, the members of the participant organizations played their traditional in-house friendly Water Skyball tournament. As it was the fourth time most of them played the game, the experienced players played exciting and enjoyable matches.

The second and third day our host, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens organized the WSB sporting event in cooperation with the Asterias Swim Club. The swim club provided the venue of the event, a swimming pool just suitable for WSB and a friendly and warm environment. Citizens from Katerini and the members of the swim club were invited and joined the event to try out Water Skyball for the first time. Children and adults played and enjoyed several games creating a great community. The players and the swim club became interested in picking up WSB as a new activity as it was a fun and engaging aquatic sport to play.

Although it was our last in-person project meeting, the project goes on with webinars and live introductory events about Water Skyball in each participating country (Hungary, Germany, Austria and Greece) during the autumn months.

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Fun sport event during our meeting in Austria

As we’ve organized our 3rd TNPM in Innsbruck, Water Skyball has been introduced for the first time in Austria. Our host, Club Life Long Learning from Austria organized the transnational project meeting in the beautiful city of Innsbruck. 

During the first day of our meeting, the consortium members met and discussed the tasks and responsibilities around the upcoming sport event, the schedule and agenda for the webinar sessions throughout the autumn, as well as the details of the last project meeting in Greece. We also had the chance to meet with the members from another Erasmus+ project, ‘Sport Camps’. We had interesting discussions with prison officers and trainers about the involvement of prisoners into sports and physical activities. Inspired by these conversations and our previous sport events during the project, we formed various new project ideas and intentions for future cooperation.

The second day of our meeting was dedicated to the WSB sport event at the sport campus of the University of Innsbruck. Participants from various age groups came to try out the new sport and participate in the amateur WSB championship. Luckily, both the Austrian and German team members could coordinate and instruct the players in their native language, so the event was smooth and the players could absolutely enjoy the fun and healthy leisure time. Throughout the day the inhouse tournament of the consortium members was held as well, involving new participants from the Greek team, but with the victory of the more experienced German team. 

All in all, another great sport event was organized and provided good practice and example for all the participants!

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Our project meeting in Hungary

We organized our 2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Budapest, Hungary between 19th and 23rd January. The 5 days contained many events for the members of the partnership and the public as well.

On the second day of our project meeting, we organized a Water Skyball sporting event at Tüskecsarnok swimming pool in Budapest, where students from Neumann Janos High School were invited to try out the WSB training exercises. Throughout the day 4 classes of 15-17 years old students joined and participated in the training sessions. The youngsters enjoyed the playful exercises, while their strength, stamina and coordination skills were trained.

Then the project team had a training session about the rules and gameplay of Water Skyball. We watched some videos about WSB games and referee training. To practice and experience the game in practice as well, we organized an in-house, friendly championship. So each project member could learn and enjoy playing WSB in practice. 4 teams were formed: 2 from the German BSV Wassenberg, 1 from the Greek National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and 1 from the Austrian Club Life Long Learning. The host Hungarian Water Skyball Federation acted as the referees and organizer of the event. The project members showed great improvement during the games and enjoyed playing. At the end the small championship finished with the victory of one of the German teams.

As a second sporting event to promote Water Skyball and the health enhancing effects of sports, we also organized a one-day-long event at Aquaworld Budapest. The goal of the event was to motivate and involve people in sports and exercise. To fit the atmosphere of the fun water park, we created various sessions of playful contests for the guests. Children and adults were happy to get involved and play some games in the water. The fun exercises from the Water Skyball training method were a great tool to involve people in physical activity as they could hardly notice that they’re doing exercises while having a good time. All in all, we’d like to thank all the project partners and the public for participating and contributing to these fantastic events.

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First event in Germany

The project began with a strong start in early August, 2022, as we already have organized our first Transnational Project Management Meeting in the city of Heinsberg, Germany.

The 4 partners met for the first time, so the meeting started with introductions of the teams and the Water Skyball sport. Then the second day of the TNPM, the public WSB sport event followed. The Freibad Kirchoven was the home for the event, and the weather was sunny though a bit chilly. The German team, Base- und Softballvereinigung Wassenberg has organized a WSB Tournament. 12 teams entered the tournament with mixed doubles. The day started with introductory and warm-up WSB exercises where anyone could join. Then the tournament began. The teams developed quickly, beautiful performances could have been seen from players who played WSB for the first time. The games were tight and exciting. In the end, a team from Austria won the amateur championship. 

The players and the organizers enjoyed the day, resulting in a great introduction of Water Skyball sport in Germany.

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The project continues with new partnerships

We are happy to share that the second round of the project have started, with title ’Water Skyball in Europe 2”. The goal is the same: to promote WSB, active lifestyle and people to participate in sports activities.

The coordinator of the project remained the same, the Hungarian Water Skyball Federation. Besides them, 3 great organizations have joined the initiative: Base- und Softballvereinigung Wassenberg from Germany, Club Life Long Learning from Austria and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens from Greece.

The project has started on 1st August 2022, and finishes on 31st January 2024. Throughout the project we will organize Water Skyball sporting events in all the participating countries, and some webinars as well.

Looking forward to work together in this wonderful project!