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WSB in the sea for the first time during our 2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Croatia

The 2nd Transnational Project Meeting was hosted by the European Institute of Sport Development, Kinesiology and Health in Croatia. The project event started with project management and knowledge share meetings, where besides the rules of WSB, the project participants were introduced to the Croatian sport event organization specifics.

The WSB Sport Event was organized in Vestar Camp, Rovinj. The WSB tryout players were habitants of the camp and children from swimming and waterpolo clubs. More than hundred people, both children and adults, enjoyed the game that was first ever played in Croatia and in the sea. So Water Skyball and a new grassroot sport event was introduced in Croatia!

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2nd and 3rd Transnational Project Meetings in Croatia and Slovenia

Not long after our 1st Transnational Project Meetings in Hungary, the project goes on with the 2nd and 3rd Transnational Project Meetings in Croatia and Slovenia.

In Croatia, our host organization will be the European Institute of Sport Development, Kinesiology and Health, who will introduce the partners to their best practices in sport event organization and organize a great sport event for the public in Rovinj with the help of all the other partner organizations. After the sport event in Croatia, we will travel to Slovenia. Here, Zavod Popotnik will host the project meetings and the sport event in Koper.

The programme in the Water Skyball Sport Events will be the followings:

We will prepare:

  • a water skyball playground where you can try-out the game,
  • a detailed presentation of the gameplay and the rules before the match,
  • related programmes at the sport event venue.

You can:

  • try out water skyball in a 10-minute game with the help of referees,
  • learn about the rules and ethos of this game,
  • meet professional WSB players.

Dates and venues:

20/08/2021 – Vestar Camp Rovinj, Croatia

22/08/2021 – Olimpijski bazen Žusterna, Koper, Slovenia

Be among the first players in Croatia and Slovenia who play this fantastic sport!

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Great success on the 1st Transnational Project Meeting and WSB Sport Event

The very first Transnational Project Meeting of the project was a great success. First, the project team met in Budapest, where the Hungarian Water Skyball Association introduced the Water Skyball sport to the Croation, Slovenian and Polish partner organizations. After the background and the rules of Water Skyball was described, the team traveled to Balatonalmádi at Lake Balaton. So the project participants could try out the sport and apply the freshly acquired knowledge both on the rules and on the grassroot sport event organization.

The WSB Sport Event was very popular at the Balatonalmádi Beach. After the project partners played in the morning hours, the playing field was free for everyone on the beach to try out the game. 107 new people tried out Water Skyball. Everyone loved the game and enjoyed its health enhancing effects in a great and friendly community. On the sunny and hot day aprox. 3000 people saw the game and met with our sport event on the beach.

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1st Water Skyball Sport Event

It’s been more than 6 months since we started our project, Water Skyball in Europe. Now it is the time to invite you for the 1st Water Skyball Sport Event in Hungary.

You don’t know the rules and how to play? Don’t worry, it is easy and fun. Everything you need is a swimsuit. You can sign up for a 10-minute free try-out game in a team of 2. There will always be someone you can play with, we guarantee this for you.

We will prepare

–    a water skyball playground where you can try-out the game,

–    a detailed presentation of the gameplay and the rules before the match,

–    related programmes at the sport event venue.

24/07/2021 – Wesselényi Beach in Balatonalmádi, Hungary

25/07/2021 – Községi Beach in Alsóörs, Hungary

For more information please visit:

The organisers look forward to seeing you soon!

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Introducing Water Skyball

Water Skyball is a Hungarian invention, an exciting and amusing aquatic sport played by 2 against 2 along special rules. This fast-breaking, more and more popular game was created in 2013 and has been developed for years by the professional team of Fontanus Center with the leadership of Balázs Török-Szabó. Their aim was to create a game that is suitable for improving various physical and mental skills and abilities, is amusing and can be played by a wide audience. Within a few years, the game has ripened into a sport, with national championships organized every year.

The game is played in water by two teams of two people, one ball and to the goal. These are the only similarities to any other aquatic ball sport, in every other aspect it is unique. Its rules, equipment, spirit, the schedule of the championships are special and they offer a playful, exciting activity full of challenges both for the players and for the audience and fans.


The spirit of Water Skyball is based on universal values such as fair play, respecting other players, will to win, constant pushing and exceeding of our own physical and mental limits. The tools, rules and the schedule of the championships were developed along these values – that is to say, they were created so that contest, challenge and development are possible for every player.

One of the main rules for this new generation sport is the so-called non-contact rule, and the point of it is that the players care for each other for the sake of protecting one another’s, as well as their own safety. Because of the non-contact rule, there is a big emphasis on attention, tactics, quick thinking, cooperation of teammates, and all of this along with the serious physical load and excitement of competition during the championships, as well as in the intense contest during matches.

WSB is the common passion of all players, referees and coaches. Their common goal is constant development, both their own and of the sport itself. They train for the next season together, inspiring each other for better performance and to constantly increase the quality of the game. It is also part of the spirit of Water Skyball that both players, and referees aim to maintain the spirit while playing and refereeing the game, and their joint effort forge them into a team.