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2nd and 3rd Transnational Project Meetings in Croatia and Slovenia

Not long after our 1st Transnational Project Meetings in Hungary, the project goes on with the 2nd and 3rd Transnational Project Meetings in Croatia and Slovenia.

In Croatia, our host organization will be the European Institute of Sport Development, Kinesiology and Health, who will introduce the partners to their best practices in sport event organization and organize a great sport event for the public in Rovinj with the help of all the other partner organizations. After the sport event in Croatia, we will travel to Slovenia. Here, Zavod Popotnik will host the project meetings and the sport event in Koper.

The programme in the Water Skyball Sport Events will be the followings:

We will prepare:

  • a water skyball playground where you can try-out the game,
  • a detailed presentation of the gameplay and the rules before the match,
  • related programmes at the sport event venue.

You can:

  • try out water skyball in a 10-minute game with the help of referees,
  • learn about the rules and ethos of this game,
  • meet professional WSB players.

Dates and venues:

20/08/2021 – Vestar Camp Rovinj, Croatia

22/08/2021 – Olimpijski bazen Žusterna, Koper, Slovenia

Be among the first players in Croatia and Slovenia who play this fantastic sport!