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Great success on the 1st Transnational Project Meeting and WSB Sport Event

The very first Transnational Project Meeting of the project was a great success. First, the project team met in Budapest, where the Hungarian Water Skyball Association introduced the Water Skyball sport to the Croation, Slovenian and Polish partner organizations. After the background and the rules of Water Skyball was described, the team traveled to Balatonalmádi at Lake Balaton. So the project participants could try out the sport and apply the freshly acquired knowledge both on the rules and on the grassroot sport event organization.

The WSB Sport Event was very popular at the Balatonalmádi Beach. After the project partners played in the morning hours, the playing field was free for everyone on the beach to try out the game. 107 new people tried out Water Skyball. Everyone loved the game and enjoyed its health enhancing effects in a great and friendly community. On the sunny and hot day aprox. 3000 people saw the game and met with our sport event on the beach.